Consulting Companies

We ensure your competitiveness by

  • checking your business model
  • overhauling your processes according to your life cycle
  • build and deliver training modules for your employees in different modes of delivery
  • optimize your structure and interaction
  • support your internationalisation strategy.

Internal Consulting Units and Corporate Universities

We improve your efficiency by

  • designing and building an in-house consulting organisation
  • checking the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing in-house consulting organisation
  • designing corporate universities
  • training your employees in problem-solving-, consulting- and management methods.

Educational Institutions

We introduce, design and support international academic programs (degree and non-degree) by

  • finding international partners
  • designing cooperative programs
  • developing joint business plans
  • providing memorandum of understanding and final cooperation contracts
  • supporting community development.

Personal Career in Consulting

We consult and coach individuals and teams in pursuing their own consulting career by

  • individual programs according to the personal need
  • providing information and support for domestic and international management consulting corporate and academic programs like specialized MBAs
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